Thursday, September 23, 2010

ladyresha on Blogger: New and Official Blog Site

This will be  my official blog site. I deleted my previous Blogspot because i was not able to update it. So i create this new one, and i promise that I'll be active in posting my updates here.

To start, I want to introduce myself first. I'm Ruby Ann Tolentino, 21, currently residing at Paco, Manila. I'm BS Mathematics graduate from the school of  "Pila Ulit Pila or Pulubi Ulila at Palaban", PUP ( Polytechnic University of  the Philippines - Manila). I'm one year employed in an Insurance Company at Makati City. I have also extracurricular activities like cosplaying (costume-playing), travelling, exploring new places, playing dance machine games, arcade games and RPG. Music is also my passion, I do some acoustic covers of English and Japanese songs. I'll post it here soon. 


Nothing more to say this time, you'll know me more if you will follow me here. 

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