Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life Insurance Consciousness Week 2010 Experience

Celebration of 15th years of PLIA (Philippine Life Insurance Association) Life Insurance Consciousness Week
October 10-17, 2010

Day 1: Kick-off celebration on SM Megamall. It's 10/10/10 October 10, 2010. I was not able attend the mass, because I'm late. The celebration held on SM Megamall's activity center. I enjoy hanging out with m co-employees as well as the people i see around, came from different Insurance companies. Celebrities like Champagne Morales, Giselle Sanchez and Jackie Lou Blanco was also there to celebrate with us.

to grace the event, this band performs wild! 

my co-employees from marketing department!

Sexy-Comedian Giselle Sanchez lead the game! 

 we dropped by in Otaku Expo event :D and saw this guy! Kuya Eji! with "10.10.10" birthday sign

Day 7: October 17, 2010, last day of Life Insurance Consciousness Week, and it's time to have a charity event, so called "Walk for Life" a walk for a cause program of PLIA. It was held in Malate, manila. As usual, I was not able to start the walk, because I'm late!

I ride a taxi and stopped at CCP complex when i saw that event has started. So, from there I started to run! I'm trying to reach the my officemates line. Finally, I saw my two officemate doing the same thing. It's funny, right?

Finally i reach them!


my two officemates I've mentioned above! 

the program has started with Mayor Alfredo Lim

the program has ended

my family! haha bancassurance family :)

the rajah sulayman park

going to seaside! hehehe

 crossing the pedestrian! hahaha

while waiting for others!

manila bay!



JUMP again!

going back to rajah sulayman park

Is that Petra? 

the malate church

BRUNCH at Robinson's food court

at the massage spa 

It's me!

took a picture before they'll start.


shhhh.... we did not ask for permission to take a photo with this antique stuffs... 

going home... 

Ice cream! treat from Ms. Myla. Thank you!

Life Insurance Consciousness Week finally ended. I can't wait for next year event!

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